7 Pointers in Wooing a Woman

Women from all over the world are no different from each other.  They want to be wooed,  be treated properly and be loved by their man.

The knowledge that their men regard them as most valuable is still one of the most important factors that women consider in a relationship. 

Here are some methods on how to woo a woman properly:

1.      On the first meeting don’t be too fresh.

Sometimes being too self-confident is perceived as being arrogant.  You maybe the best-looking man in the face of the earth but if you act like one, this is a major turn off for women.  Arrogant men are not well liked – even as friends – much more as lovers.

2.     Be a gentleman.

 Contrary to popular belief, women still want to be “pampered” and be treated like a “Queen”.  Opening doors and pulling a chair for her is never outdated. It shows you consider her special enough to treat her nicely.

3.     Be thoughtful and expressive of your feelings

It’s true that action speaks louder than words but saying “I love you”, is still the best way to show how much you love her.  Spoken words, coupled with loving actions are explosive combinations, almost always the woman will “listen”.

4.      Little things mean a lot. 

Those letters or notes tucked into her book; those red roses given even when there are no special occasions; those e-cards saying how much you love her, are small little things that can melt a woman’s heart.   Do simple little things that could mean a lot.

5.     Make time for her family, especially her mom and dad.

Be truly interested in her family.  When you “love” her family, it shows you care for those she cares about and that would give you additional points in her heart. 

6.  Never forget any important dates, like her birthday, your anniversary, her graduation day, and other important dates. 

This may seem trivial but I heard women being touched by a man’s remembrance of their birthdays and graduation days.

7.      Listen when she speaks. 

Women (and even men, for that matter) want men to listen when they say something.  It shows that you care about her thoughts, concepts and beliefs and that you are not one insensitive person.

These are not phenomenal and uncommon methods, but at times we need to be reminded that the simple, little things that we oftentimes ignore are the ones that are actually very significant. 

So keep these seven methods in mind and be successful in wooing the woman of your dreams!


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